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If you can't find an answer to your question in our FAQs or you require any other information, please contact your local Gymboree Play & Music location or our central Customer Service team.

Local Gymboree
Gymboree Psychiko
3Α Grigoriou Xenopoulou Str., N.Psychico 15451
Tel.: +30 210 6777017
Gymboree Chalkida
3, Oresti Makri Street
Tel.: 22210 82060
Gymboree N. Erythrea
102 Tatoiou Street, Nea Erythrea 14671
Tel.: +30 210 8001610
Gymboree Central Offices in Greece

102 Tatoiou Street, Nea Erythraea
14671 Athens

Customer Service

Tel.: +30-210 8001610

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Top F.A.Q.s
Is there a Gymboree Play & Music location near me?

Gymboree Play & Music currently has over 700 locations in more than 50 countries, In Greece and Cyprus there are currently two locations in Athens and in Larisa. Find a location.

How can I preview a free trial class?

You can either sign up to preview a free class on this website Free trial class booking request, call the location or visit us to schedule your class. In case you sign up on line, we will contact you to confirm the availability of class space at your desired time.

When you come to our location to attend the free trial class and if you want to maintain this class space as a new member, you can formalize your enrollment at the help desk.

To Whom the free class is addressed?

To all the adults, whether are parents, grandparents, uncle and aunt or carers and have children up to 5 years and they would like to know the Gymboree program.

What is the main purpose of a free trial class?

It an opportunity for adults to come and visit our location, to meet our experience teachers’ team and to get familiar with class environment and the education program corresponding to the level of the child.

How frequently a class is running and what is the duration?

Each class of a certain program is conducted once per week at the registered time. Classes of all the main programs have the duration of 45 minutes except Art class that lasts 50 minutes. You may enroll to more than one program.