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Crawlers (6-14 months)

Focus: Equipment

Where they are:
These babies are on the move! Crawling, cruising, rolling, sitting and ready to explore anything and everything.

What to expect in class:
We boogie with our babies, give them baby massages, sing them songs and explore new physical challenges every week through teacher-led activities on the equipment. Explore tummy time from a new perspective or on a new texture, slide down slides on soft lambskins, or take a ride in a gentle swing. Play as a group and socialize with others. Sing songs, learn a routine, and PLAY!

Tummy time, crawling, and physical activity stimulate gross motor development, problem solving skills, and spatial awareness.
Cognitive: Songs, rhymes, chants and routines support language development, memory and communication skills.
Social: Our classroom environment promotes social and emotional learning.
Adults: Learn ways to play with your busy crawler. Enjoy games and activities you can repeat at home, chat with other caregivers, and get some uninterrupted time with your little one.